This section establishes the contracting and acquisition of products through the website, hereinafter “Agroiberico”.

By accepting this contract, the consumer and/or user (hereinafter client) accepts the following:

  • That is a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
  • That you have read, understand and accept without reservation and each one of the points of these general contracting conditions.
  • That he assumes all the established obligations.

Agroiberico does not have the purpose of processing data corresponding to minors, and only makes sales to persons of legal age in accordance with Spanish legislation (article 315 of the Civil Code).

These conditions will have an indefinite period of validity and will be applicable to all contracts made through the web.

Agroiberico reserves the right to modify the contractual offer, constituted by these general conditions and the list of products and their prices, at any time, although said modifications will not be made with the contracts already made by the client previously. Therefore, it is recommended to read it before proceeding with the purchase of any product/or services offered.

Identities of the parties

On the one hand, Antonio Minero Romero (Owner of the website, its brands, domains and contents) with NIF 8.778.772V as supplier of the products contracted by the user client, with registered office at BA-069, Km 12.5, 06320, Medina de las Torres (Spain). Contact address and telephone +34(644.53.96.80).

On the other hand, the client, whose purpose is to be a consumer and/or user of the same and/or contract the products/services of Agroiberico.

Communication and contact

For communication purposes, Agroiberico makes the following means available to the client:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +34(644.53.96.80)
  • Postal address: BA-069, Km 12.5, 06320, Medina de las Torres (Spain).
  • Customer service contact and chat form.

The communications made between the client and Agroiberico by said means will be considered effective and valid for all purposes.

Customer responsibility

The client undertakes to make lawful use of the website and the services provided therein, respecting current legislation and refraining from harming the rights and interests of third parties and Agroiberico.

The client is responsible for the veracity of the data that he provides to Agroiberico, therefore he is responsible for the consequences that may be caused by providing false or erroneous information on this website.

The client must respect and accept the general contracting conditions, the legal notice, the conditions of use and privacy established on the web.

Failure to comply with the foregoing may lead to the withdrawal or cancellation of the services by Agroiberico without the need for prior notice and without the right to any compensation, as well as the initiation of legal actions to which Agroiberico had the right to resort.

Responsibility of Agroiberico

Agroiberico undertakes to respect the obligations established in these general contracting conditions established.

For any information or to resolve doubts, the client will have the form established for this purpose in the “Contact” section, by phone +34(644.53.96.80), via email to the e-mail address or the web chat, indicating the order number or establishing your query.


The language in which the relationship with the client is perfected by default and through telephone contact will be Spanish, while through email/chat it can be done in Spanish and English.

Object of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the relationship between Agroiberico and the client at the moment in which the client gives their consent during the contracting process by accepting the corresponding box. (Box that, prior to its acceptance, will inform about these general contracting conditions).

The contractual purchase-sale relationship will entail the delivery of the products to the customer in exchange for the payment of these products at a certain price through the web.

Recruitment procedure

The purchase of the products on the web can be done in the following way:

It is reported that in accordance with what is required by art. 27 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the contracting procedure will follow the following steps:

  • Registration (optional)

In order to simplify the purchase process as much as possible, the user can register through a form established for this purpose in the “Users” section, or when purchasing a product.

To carry out this registration, you will proceed to the creation of a user account. For this, the client must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data that will be required.

The client will select a username and password, committing himself to make diligent use of them, and not to make them available to third parties, as well as to notify the provider of the loss or theft of them or of possible access by an unauthorized third party. , in such a way that it proceeds to immediate blocking.

The client will not be able to choose as a user name words that have the purpose of confusing others by identifying him as a member of the provider, as well as abusive, insulting expressions and in general, contrary to the law or the requirements of morality and good manners.

However, the foregoing, the customer may have the option of making the purchase without registering on the platform.

  • Product choice and purchase

Products appear in the central and upper part.

Click on the desired category and choose the product you want to purchase. Subsequently, a descriptive sheet will appear where the characteristics of the same and its price are detailed.

In the event that the selected product is not available as stock, it will appear expressly indicated and cannot be added “to the cart”.

To add the desired available product “to the cart”, you have to click on the link “buy” or “Add to Cart”. Subsequently, the purchase menu will appear, where the customer will be able to know the total price of the purchase, as well as having the possibility of canceling it through the Delete command.

Once the selection of products to be purchased has been made, the client has to fill out a form in the event that they have not previously registered. This completion is done for the purpose of shipping, billing and managing your personal data.

Once the purchase process is finished, a summary of the previous process will appear with the data provided, so that you can rectify any data or confirm your order.

You will make the payment of the product according to the selected procedure.

The purchase is finalized.

Once the purchase has been made and within a maximum period of 24 hours, Agroiberico will send a proof of purchase by email, as well as the status and information of the order.

Products offered

The main characteristics of each product are described in their corresponding tabs or sections. (Features, price, offers, discounts, etc.).

The offers will be duly marked and identified as such, conveniently indicating the previous price and the price of the offer.

The sale of products will only be carried out in European territory, expressly excluding the rest of the territories.

For any information about the order, the customer will have the form established for this purpose in the “Contact” section, by phone +34(644.53.96.80), by email to the email address, or in the web chat, indicating the order number that was assigned to you in the purchase confirmation email.

Price and validity period

The client accepts that the economic valuation of some of the products may vary in real time. As a consequence, the price to be applied will be the one in force on the date the order is placed. However, said final price will be communicated to the customer in the electronic purchase process in advance and before he proceeds to formalize his acceptance of the purchase.

The prices indicated for each product include the Value Added Tax (VAT) and in any case will be expressed in the Euro currency (€).

VAT tax rates may vary depending on the country of destination and the nature of the products ordered.

In the prices indicated in the products, unless expressly indicated otherwise, they do not include shipping costs, shipping insurance or any other additional services and annexes to the product purchased.

However, the client will be able to check and calculate the total price of the product with the exact breakdowns before proceeding to formalize the payment in the web purchase process.

Payment methods

  • Credit card: Through this means of payment, the customer will have to provide his card number, the expiration date and his CVV number. In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent under a secure server to the bank’s virtual POS. This procedure does not provide the card number to Agroiberico.
  • Bank transfer: To make the payment by means of this method, the client must make a bank transfer (determining the order reference in the concept) within a maximum period of 3 business days from the completion of the order. Agroiberico reserves the right to cancel the order if it has not received confirmation of the transfer after said period. The bank account will be shown to the client when he chooses this payment method.
  • PayPal: In order for the customer to pay for their purchases through this system, they must have a PayPal account. For more information

Order delivery times

The product will be considered delivered to the customer at the time it is available to the customer and the latter signs the receipt of the same to the transport company.

The delivery of the orders will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the customer in the registration/purchase process once the payment has been executed and confirmed.

In no case, Agroiberico will be responsible when the delivery of the product does not take place as a result of the data provided by the client being false, inaccurate or incomplete, or when the delivery cannot be made for reasons beyond the control of the company in charge of the shipping, as it is, the absence of the addressee.

Deliveries will be made according to the term established in the following table:

  • Peninsular shipments: 24-48 hours.
  • Extra-peninsular shipments: 3-4 days.
  • International shipping: 4-5 days.

In these periods, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and those in force in Spain will not be taken into account.

It is possible that it may be delayed beyond the established deadlines, in this case, Agroiberico will adopt the measures required of a diligent merchant so that the delivery can be carried out in the agreed time, and if not, within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the purchase of the product as specified in the current regulations on Consumers and users (art. 109).

If, despite this, the product is still not delivered, the buyer has the right to summon Agroiberico to comply within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances. If Agroiberico does not deliver the goods within said additional period, the client will have the right to terminate the contract, in which case Agroiberico will proceed to reimburse, without any undue delay, all amounts paid by the buyer under it.

Shipping costs

The scales established to calculate shipping costs depend on the region to which the product is to be shipped. Thus, these expenses cannot be calculated in advance, using the following table as a reference:

  • Peninsular shipments: From €9.27, from 1kg (Barcelona with CorreosExpress).
  • Extra-peninsular shipments: From €14.55, from 1kg (Balearic Islands with Post Office).
  • International shipments: From €18.54, from 1 kg (Milan with UPS).

These data will be provided to the client at the moment in which he makes his order effective. Once the order has been placed and its amount confirmed, the system will calculate the cost of the shipping costs, for which, the customer can check the purchase invoice at any time on its screen, in which the costs of the purchase will be broken down. products and shipping.

Claim for undelivered orders

The customer, after receiving an email that his order has been sent, if after a reasonable period of time he does not receive the product, he can contact Agroiberico by phone +34(644.53.96.80), using the form “Contact ”, By e-mail at, or by web chat to clarify the cause of the delay.

Once the claim from the transport company has been obtained, Agroiberico will contact the client in order to explain what happened and reach an agreement on what happened.


If, once the purchase has been made, you want to cancel an order that has not yet been issued, you can do so as long as it is indicated through the contact form established for that purpose in the “Contact” section, or in writing to the email address, customer service form, by phone at the number +34(644.53.96.80), or in the web chat indicating the number of the order to be canceled.

Force majeure

None of the contracting parties will have any responsibility for any type of fault due to a major cause. The termination of the contract will be postponed until the termination of the force majeure situation.

Right of withdrawal

The customer will have a period of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product to return it without indicating the reason and without incurring any cost.

The product must be returned in perfect condition without limiting the use of the product (as long as it does not go beyond the mere verification of its good condition/operation). Otherwise, it is expressly informed that the consumer will have to pay the shipping costs for the return of the goods when he exercises his right of withdrawal in the event that it is not in acceptable conditions.

Withdrawal procedure

Either by one means or another, your communication must contain the following information:

  • Your identification data: full name and address.
  • Order number that appears on the invoice that has been sent to you together with the purchased good.
  • Description of the property acquired and causes for abandonment.
  • Your willingness to withdraw from the contract of sale.
  • Bank account where you want the price and cost refund to be made.
  • Date of the communication.

From the date on which you notify us of your decision to withdraw from the contract, the customer has a period of 14 calendar days to return the purchased good to Agroiberico in perfect condition, together with a copy of the purchase invoice.

Agroiberico will communicate without delay to the client by e-mail the acknowledgment of receipt of said withdrawal, with the instructions for the shipment by the client. Once the product has been received, or the client has presented reliable proof of the return of the good, Agroiberico will deliver the sums delivered by the client without undue delay.

Applicable warranties

The contractual guarantee offered is the one established in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. Agroiberico will be liable for any lack of conformity that appears within 2 years from delivery, as long as the client has informed Agroiberico of said lack of conformity within 2 months of becoming aware of it. In the event of a defective product, Agroiberico will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replace, lower the price or terminate the contract.


At the address BA-069, Km 12.5, 06320, Medina de las Torres (Spain) the client has at his disposal complaint forms, as established by the competent regulations in this matter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the client may, in any case, request the remission of the same through the contact form established for this purpose in the “Contact” section, or to the email address


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