The specialty and main activity in Agroiberico since the end of the last century is the production of Iberian pigs.

For decades and generations we have dedicated ourselves to the breeding and fattening of Iberian pigs, always maintaining traditional breeding together with innovation, which makes our animals unique and morphologically unbeatable.

A fact that translates not only into great specimens, but also into exquisite products that we make available.

We develop various livestock activities in the “Las Maravillas” farm, located south-west of Extremadura, in the Zafra-Rio Bodión region, an enclave of the main agricultural and livestock activities in the region, among which the breeding of the Iberian pig, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, endless vineyards, wide fields of cereals and extensive pastures, an idyllic place where animals are born and raised.

Our main objective is that the cattle are born and live in a natural environment, in freedom and in the open air, feeding on cereals and natural legumes of our own production.

We therefore control animal welfare and total traceability of animals and their products.

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